SPRAYTANS™ Laser systems are more technologically advanced than any system

Patented and Made in the USA


Just connect the dots for a flawless tan every time

We are all about top quality cutting edge equipment made for professional salon use. Our system is the only patented sunless application tested to give consistent, accurate results.  Our connect the dots laser guide assures that you are at the proper distance from your client. Spray with no drips, runs or missed areas. 

Competence is essential if you desire to be the best spray tan artist and our SPRAYTANS™ patented Laser Guide system gives you that with every application on every customer. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has certified our Laser Guide system to improve both accuracy and reduce over-spray. Combine that with our HVLP quiet warm-air turbine and you have a flawless professional HVLP system that is simple to use and learn.



Using the laser guide is the key to both a flawless tan and clean environment. It works visually by projecting two laser dots onto the client being sprayed. The distance for the appropriate spray gun-to-body is correct when the two laser dots align to show only one dot. This simple "connect the dots" technology eliminates hours of training and produces flawless results with every application.

As you spray, simply keep one dot by spraying at that consistent distance and perpendicular angle. If your technique strays, you will see two dots giving you immediate feedback that you need to adjust your distance or angle. The laser guide allows you to practice without spraying solution. No other system can train you better or faster. One of the greatest benefits with our laser system is comfort for the client. Other systems spray a very heavy coat that feels wet and requires forced air drying of the client for up to 5-10 minutes.

With the SPRAYTANS™ patented system you use the laser dot to follow along your previous spray pass resulting in a consistent 50% overlap throughout the entire body. This allows the technician to apply a thin light coats consistently, the thinner dry coats are more comfortable for the client and require no drying period. There is nothing more unpleasant than runs and dripping of solution from over spraying.

Click to read the EPA report on how the Laser Guide reduces overspray and creates a flawless tan